Event: Transforming Modern Healthcare Environments

Program: Transforming Modern Healthcare Environments Through Research, Evidenced Based Planning, Hospitality Design and Virtual Technologies

Conference: 5th Annual Healthcare Facilities Asia 2018

Speaker: Mike Hess

Location: Singapore

Time: May 9, 3:30 P.M.

Principal Mike Hess explores innovations in high-tech global healthcare environments at this international healthcare facilities summit.

The program looks at emerging trends, in which healthcare services in many countries have expanded beyond borders to regional markets based on economics, convenient access, comprehensive specialties, new technology, and staff recruitment.

Through relevant case studies representing diverse patient populations, Hess explores key aspects of efficient evidence-based design that incorporates flexibility, new technologies, and culturally sensitive amenities into healthcare environments. He additionally explores how BIM/REVIT and Virtual Reality (VR) have streamlined planning and communications between architects, engineers, and clients on complex projects—resulting in overall project schedule reduction to meet the growing global demand for superior healthcare service.

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